B&B Dietro l'angolo Brescia


Brief description of Brescia

Brescia is in the high Po Valley at the mouth of Val Trompia, at the foot of Mount Maddalena and Cidneo hill.

The territory

The old town is enclosed within the perimeter of the defensive walls dating the Venetian era, destroyed between the second half of the nineteenth century and the first two decades of the twentieth century, and is dominated by Cidneo hill on which the castle of Brescia is clearly visible.

The rest of the city expands geographically and visually on the whole surrounding area, enclosed by walls of Alpine foothills, such as Monte Maddalena (to the east), and Monte Sant ‘Onofrio (north), although the latter is not geographically part of the city territory, but the hinterland municipalities Bovezzo, Lumezzane, Concesio and Nave.

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